Residential and commercial landscaping by Naper Lawn Works will turn your barren or ordinary piece of land into a beautiful and enchanting place.

Our landscaping engineers have a thorough knowledge of geology, biology, climatic effect on various plants, etc, as well as highly creative minds. We are experts at knowing what kind of plants thrive in the various types of soil found in the Northern Illinois climatic region.

Landscape projects by Naper Lawn Works are a mix of science and art achieved by blending construction and nature.Landscaping involves designing or redesigning both flora and fauna, working with natural landforms or creating artificial elevations in a natural way, and taking a future view.

It also adds value to your property.

A landscaped public park will definitely enhance the beauty of the town or the city in which it is located, so If you are thinking about landscaping your the lawn or garden on your property, then be ensured that the landscaping professionals will take care of patios, walkways, borders, fences, walls and garden furniture. Landscaping instantly enhances your home and makes it the object of your neighbor's envy. ​

Landscapin​g, however, is also about land management. Our designs use plants and other elements in such a way as to minimize soil erosion, thus enhancing ecology.

We offer comprehensive landscaping services to home owners, business owners, parks, playgrounds, school and college grounds, corporate and university campuses, commercial properties and any open space that can be transformed into a work of beauty using landscaping.

Outdoor rooms are created by intermingling and manipulating floors, ceilings, walls, and doors.

Different media for each of those elements are chosen and integrated to bring about contrasting garden experiences.

Garden walls might be fencing, wooden screening, solid panels of brick and stone, short retaining walls, or taller, free-standing enclosure walls.

Floors can be segments of suspended decking, all types of paving, or visually can even be horizontal planes of water. Ceilings are normally partial ceiling such as awning, arbors, or trellises, but will sometimes become a fully functional ceiling as with the summerhouse, pavilion, or pool house.

Naper Lawn Works uses many specialty components of construction to bring life and diversity to the garden.

There are many expressions of water features, water lighting, circulation provisions, and exterior enclosures that constitute well-planned and fully integrated construction themes.​ See landscape designs here.


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