No more weeds- No more settlement- No more loose edge brick- No more re sanding.

Naper Lawn Works has the future for brick paving and we know the problems with brick paving, this being said we don't overlook this, with our proprietary cement base system we have it covered.

We start by a field layout as per the drawing created between us and the home or business owner, this is a good time to make changes that may arise prior to the cement pour.

Once excavation is completed to the desired depth we install the grade 8 gravel material and we do this with proper moisture content for adequate compaction density,


we also check to see if the material has enough fine crushed limestone or to much (might call for larger stone), either of these incidences can damper the compaction process and make for a weaker sub base.

This is now compacted in layers of 3 inches to get the proper compaction required for a brick paving project.

Once the base is at the desired size and shape we get ready for the next phase and prepare for our specialty cement mix cement UNIBASE if chosen for the job, this is not typical cement with fibers, there is much more to the mix).

This UNIBSE cement product will not crack and heave as typical cement can, our mix is used only under the pavers you cannot use this mix as a finish product like a driveway or sidewalk.

We use regular cement when we pour a cement driveway or project of the same that needs to be exposed.

The Unibase is installed with proper pitch for water run off and is finished for the brick paver installation.

Once the cement has had adequate drying time we than place the brick pavers on the UNIBASE system and cut the pavers per design.

After the pavers are installed we use a liquid mix of cement and bond the exterior edge or the soldiers to the UNIBASE system this prevents using a plastic or steel edging that fails after time.

Homes or buildings that are newer usually have a area where it was dug out around the foundation and this area is a prime spot for settlement of the pavers after install, we drill pilot holes in the foundation and install steel reinforcement rods from the foundation to the UNIBASE or cement base of our project to keep that area from being a problem, this type of application works well and should be addressed on every home or building. 

You'll know you have a UNIBASE brick paver system of the future when your future is clear of problems (UNIBASE) no more weeds, no more settlement, no more loose edge brick, no more re sanding. 

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