Naper Lawn Works is Chicagolands leading service provider for hardscape restoration , cleaning and sealing. Hardscapes like any other exterior surface, require regular maintenance and no one does it better than Naper Lawn Works.

There are many reasons why you should consider cleaning and sealing your hardscapes: chief among them is the protection of your investment. when you have a professional clean and seal your hardscape you are guaranteeing that your investment will look as good as it can for years to come and be protected against the effects of natures elements, time and daily wear and tear.

Pavers and other hardscape materials take a lot of abuse. Hardscapes are consistently exposed to the suns UV rays and can fade over time. Foot traffic and environmental debris can leave your hardscape looking tired and dirty. By deciding to clean and seal your hardscape you are ensuring long lasting durability and protection.

Naper Lawn Works provides cutting edge cleaning and sealing solutions. We use cold or hot water pressure washing and cleansing systems to clean all of the dirt and grime your hardscape has absorbed. Then we apply a water block this is a system that will prevent the white haze (effloresence) then apply our environmentally friendly sealing products to protect your hardscape from future abuse and damage while locking in that "better than new" appearance!

Installing hardscapes is a major investment to your property. Protect that investment by sealing your hardscape projects with Naper Lawn Works.

Wonderful crew and unbelievable restoration, I had a very old and damaged brick paver patio and walkway (large) with a multitude of problems. I really can't believe how they made it look I also went a step further and had them install the Unibase system and now my old patio is secured and aesthetically defined.
I give them Five Stars.                         
Kerri, Arlington Heights

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