Digital Design Imagery

Digital Design Imagery is the latest State-of-the-Art, Cutting Edge image simulation technology. Our many years of experience tell us that it is the best way for a customer to understand and see their landscape design project - and how it will look - prior to the commencement of work. This process makes it easier for you to envision your final design prior to signing the agreement for services. Digital Design Imagery is the future - now and today. Naper Lawn Works, we're already there! Call us today and get in on all the excitement!


Naper Lawn Works designs and installs many different types of hardscapes. The look of distinction that pavers, stonescapes and outdoor structures add to any landscape is undeniable. "Cast in stone" creates a sense of permanence and elegant refinement to any property. When designed with vision, ecological and architectural flair, hardscapes can create sturdy and effective functionality all the while aesthetically expanding the functionality and aesthetic beauty of your home into the outdoor environment.


Residential and commercial landscaping by Naper Lawn Works will turn your barren or ordinary piece of land into a beautiful and enchanting place. Our landscaping engineers have a thorough knowledge of geology, biology, climatic effect on various plants, etc, as well as highly creative minds. We are experts at knowing what kind of plants thrive in the various types of soil found in the Northern Illinois climatic region. Landscape projects by Naper Lawn Works are a mix of science and art achieved by blending construction and nature.

The UNIBASE system

The 'UniBase System' is a Proprietary Cement Paver/Brick Base Paver System Recommended By Unilock - it was designed by the brilliant engineer to be such a superior paver installation process that it is recognized and authorized by UNILOCK! It is well worth the investment while alleviating the most common problems associated with ANY paver brand installation.

Water Features

​​​The relaxing sounds of moving water ... the beauty of fish and plants peppered throughout paver walkways and seating areas. These essential and beautiful displays of nature can be part of your landscape that looks so natural and well constructed that friends and guests will be asking you for the secret to the design. Naper Lawn Works excels in this exciting and specialized area of environmental design, integrating your interests and desires with the beautiful accompaniments of nature. 

Irrigation Systems

Naper Lawn Works specializes in Irrigation on residential properrties or commercial. Our team knows the engineering of a properly installed sprinkler system from strategic layouts for proper zone control teh the type of head needed for a particular flower bed or garden.

The art of a properly installed system will save you water and in turn save you money not to mention the aesthetics of your home.


The payment options helped a lot to get the package we really wanted.

Javier, Homer Glen

We could not pass up the Unibase system, the cement truck came out and literally poured a cement base prior to laying the pavers.

Wayne, Chicago

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